Task Management. Simplified.

Desk Duty Hero Makes Task Management Stress Free!

Simplified ticketing to make you the hero when you're also the chief cook and bottle washer.

Organise Your Time. Manage Your Tasks.

Ideal For Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses And Busy People.

Desk Duty Hero is a ticketing system designed to help small businesses manage customer support issues and track important tasks. We built Desk Duty Hero as a tool to help manage our business. In August 2017 we decided to offer Desk Duty Hero to others who have the same challenges as we do. It's pretty simple. Create tickets, make notes and tag them. Tagging allows you to group relevant tickets together. Assign each ticket a user defined status to control simple workflow. On your dashboard, use filters to show only tickets that are relevant to the here and now. Once you've completed a task, close the ticket and confine it to your archive.

We are offering Desk Duty Hero for CAD $9.99 per month with a free 14-day trial, no fuss money back guarantee.

Call us on +1-416-705-5168, email us at support@deskdutyhero.com or Sign Up For A Free 14 Day Trial.